New Transaction – RSAUDIT_SYSTEM_ENV

Most of the times, you may need to give authorization to sensative transactions such as SCC4, and SE06 to auditors with regard to changeability. SAP note 1433352 brings you a new program/transaction code which avoids assigning these transaction codes.

The SAP note 1433352 will get a new ABAP program “RSAUDIT_SYSTEM_STATUS” and further you have to create a new transaction code RSAUDIT_SYSTEM_ENV adding this ABAP program.

Authorization check is done on S_ADMI_FCD with AUDD, and S_TABU_DIS Activity 03, Authorization group SS.

Below are the screen shots:

Transaction Code:

Transaction Options:

Report Screen:

Author - Raghu Boddu

Raghu is a SAP Security specialist with expertise in SAP Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and SAP Forensic Security. He is a regular blogger of topics like Security, Governance & Compliance, Application Security, Technology and other trending topics.

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