User Measurement & Reporting Tool

SAPseXL Team has launched the V2 of its User Measurement & Reporting tool. It has the following enhancements:

  1. Username and password need not be entered in the VB script. It will display the systems directly that are configured in the SAP Logon pad.
  2. Faster response times.
  3. Easy to manage, since the system information need not be maintained in the Spreadsheet.

Also, it generates the following reports automatically:

  • Full List of Users Details in the system
  • List of all Valid Users
  • List of all Invalid Users
  • List Non Dialog Users
  • List of user never logged on to system

Author - Raghu Boddu

Raghu is a SAP Security specialist with expertise in SAP Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and SAP Forensic Security. He is a regular blogger of topics like Security, Governance & Compliance, Application Security, Technology and other trending topics.

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One Response to “User Measurement & Reporting Tool”

  1. Krishna Boddu says:

    Hi Ragu,

    I am not able to use this file. can you guide me .,. I am facing the error.

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