Ruleset Generator

Now generating Ruleset is quite easy & simple. The Ruleset Generator by SAP Security Expert helps you to collate all the downloaded files from the SAP system and gives you the ...

SAP GUI 730 Branding Option Grayed-out

Issue – The Branding option under SAP GUI 730 -> Visual Design might be grayed out after installing SAP GUI 730 and you were not allowed to select a Branding image as shown ...

Creating mass users using SAP GUI Scripting

This article explains you the procedure of using SAP GUI scripting for creating mass users. Even though there are multiple ways available to perform this activity, we are presenting ...

User Transpose Tool

Here is another tool from SAP Security Expert. This is a very useful tool for those who wish to provide User Vs Roles information to the LoB managers. Update the information in the ...

Random Password Generator Tool

This Excel is for those who normally use easy to guess passwords while creating user IDs (ofcourse would not be a very userful tool for the ones who use the auto generate option, or ...

Identify the toxicity of the SAP roles

There is an interesting Wiki published in SDN that helps you to quickly identify the healthiness of the roles in any SAP system. The program is very user friendly and provides the analysis ...
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