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GRC10 Centralized Emergency Access (Firefighter) prompting to enter username/password

Article revised on – 10-Jan-2014 For many of you this might be a very old issue, but in the recent past I’ve got a couple of emails from my old friends and SAP Security ...

SAP GRC 10 – A Sneak Preview

Here is the webinar recording of SAP GRC 10 Sneak Preview that was conducted in the last week. VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 9.8/10 ...

SAP GUI 730 Branding Option Grayed-out

Issue – The Branding option under SAP GUI 730 -> Visual Design might be grayed out after installing SAP GUI 730 and you were not allowed to select a Branding image as shown ...

How strong your SAP Security is?

Here is an interesting article (whitepaper) from Layer Seven Security that speaks about various security areas that the companies need to look in at apart from the existing access control ...

Whats new in SAP GUI 7.30 for Windows?

SAP GUI 7.30  (shipped on 26th June 2012) was bundled with lots of new features. SAP published information on the version differences and a comparison in SAP Note 1670678.  The ...

ST01 Authorization trace is enhanced now :)

With the implementation of SAP Note 1373111 you will get an enhanced version of ST01 trace gives more precise and better information now. Below are few of the new functions added as ...
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