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GRC Access Control 10 – Whats new?

Many of you might have already started looking at the awesome documentation on Business Objects GRC 10 in the SDN BPX. I would like to thank the BPX team for presenting such a nice ...

Customize SU01 transaction code

You may have a challenge while building a role for L1/Helpdesk teams to give only password reset authorization. The SU01D transaction code only gives display access, and the authorization ...

ERROR no dtos exist while Provisioning users in GRC CUP

GRC CUP 5.3 might display and error that says [SAPEngine_Application_Thread – ERROR no dtos exist which are in the same state as the passing dto ...

GRC Firefighter prompting to enter username and password

When you go to GRC SPM (Firefighter) to use elevated access using transaction “/N/VIRSA/VFAT” you may be prompted to enter the username and password. This happens after you click ...

Installing SAP GRC 10, and GRC 5.3 in the same system

While transitioning to SAP GRC 10, you may need to have SAP GRC 5.3 also in the same system. However, when you install the GRC 10 plug-in, you may experience some issues using the 5.3 ...

Deleting background jobs in SAP GRC RAR 5.3

You can use the Delete button to delete the background jobs from either Informer tab, Background Jobs, Search screen or from the Configuration tab (following the same options). However, ...
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