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This post provides you information on the maximum #s with reference to Transaction codes, Profiles, Roles, and Users. If you have any other piece of information, or an update, please ...

User Measurement & Reporting Tool

SAPseXL Team has launched the V2 of its User Measurement & Reporting tool. It has the following enhancements: Username and password need not be entered in the VB script. It will ...

Maintain authorization default values with SU24_S_TABU_NAM

The SU24_S_TABU_NAM transaction code (which is newly introduced with SAP Note 1500054) helps you to quickly identify and assign S_TABU_NAM authorization object to all the parameter ...

SU10 Password Reset for mass users

Password reset from SU10/SU12 is possible now. This was added with the SAP Note 1469961 (SU01/SU10: Revision to password dialog box). Old SU10 Screen It uses the same BAPI (BAPI_USER_CHANGE) ...

Security transaction codes that you might have never used

N – Transaction N is the Quickstart SE16N transaction code. You can quickly invoke SE16N with this transaction code. However, this was removed by SAP now. Refer SAP Note 1115699. SE16T000 ...

SU01 Myths

Many of us have used/using SU01 transaction code. But, did you know some facts about it??? SU01_NAV is the “navigation” version of SU01, which is rarely used in SAP (its ...
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