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Restrict maintain authorization to a specific table – S_TABU_NAM

I had discussed about S_TABU_NAM authorization object in some of my earlier posts already. I am a big fan of S_TABU_NAM authorization object, since I need not create custom authorization ...


The “NUMBER_GET_NEXT AENDBELEG INTERVAL_MISSING” error may pop up while creating/deleting users, assigning/deleting roles and may display only an exit button. This article ...

New Transaction – RSAUDIT_SYSTEM_ENV

Most of the times, you may need to give authorization to sensative transactions such as SCC4, and SE06 to auditors with regard to changeability. SAP note 1433352 brings you a new program/transaction ...

ABAP Program to list User Vs Role Report

Many of us generate the User Vs Roles report very frequently. It could be based on the audit requirement, or functional managers requirement, or to have a complete review. Even though ...

Setting up Central User Administration in multiple clients

This step-by-step article will help you with setting up Central User Administration (CUA) in multiple clients. {filelink=13} VN:F [1.9.22_1171]please wait...Rating: 10.0/10 (1 vote ...

SAP ADM Flash Cards

These interesting Flash cards will be of a great help for those who are preparing for the SAP Security certification. Thanks to Julien Moix, who complied this great list. {filelink=12} VN:F ...
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