Maintain authorization default values with SU24_S_TABU_NAM

The SU24_S_TABU_NAM transaction code (which is newly introduced with SAP Note 1500054) helps you to quickly identify and assign S_TABU_NAM authorization object to all the parameter transactions.

This tool identifies the parameter transactions with reference to generic table access quickly and allows you to quickly do a mass change of S_TABU_NAM related authorization default values.

Below are the steps:

1. Execute SU24_S_TABU_NAM.
2. Enter the Transaction codes
3. Click Execute

S_TABU_NAM Initial Screen
S_TABU_NAM Initial Screen

4. Click Select All (you may select individual transactions too)
5. Click Create S_TABU_NAM button.

S_TABU_NAM Create Screen

S_TABU_NAM Create Screen

You will be prompted to create a transport request to capture the changes. Once the changes are done, you may see the screen as below:

S_TABU_NAM - After Authorization Object assignment

S_TABU_NAM - After Authorization Object assignment

Additionally you will find the below options:

S_TABU_NAM Additional options

S_TABU_NAM Additional options

You can refer SAP note 1434284 for more information about the SAP authorization concept with regard to generic table accesses.

Author - Raghu Boddu

Raghu is a SAP Security specialist with expertise in SAP Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and SAP Forensic Security. He is a regular blogger of topics like Security, Governance & Compliance, Application Security, Technology and other trending topics.

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