Installing SAP GRC 10, and GRC 5.3 in the same system

While transitioning to SAP GRC 10, you may need to have SAP GRC 5.3 also in the same system. However, when you install the GRC 10 plug-in, you may experience some issues using the 5.3 version.

SAP has a recommendation on the same in SAP note 159030.

The note provides detailed steps that one should take before upgrading to SAP GRC Access Control 10.

Additionally, you may also refer:

SAP Note 992200 – for implementing SPM 5.3 User Exit.
SAP Note 1545511 – for implementing AC10.0 SPM User Exit.
SAP Note 1573023 – Master Note for SAP Access Control 10.0 – Support Pack 4
SAP Note 1352498 – Support Pack Numbering – GRC Access Control

Author - Raghu Boddu

Raghu is a SAP Security specialist with expertise in SAP Governance, Risk Management, Compliance and SAP Forensic Security. He is a regular blogger of topics like Security, Governance & Compliance, Application Security, Technology and other trending topics.

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